Hard work explained

At Pioneers Unplugged I explained success of Chefparade by working harder than our competition.

I missed opportunity to explain what I mean by hard work.

Hard work means taking responsibility for delivering results.
It means doing what needs to be done when needs to be done.
Hard work means getting things done.

Hard work means to analyse, plan and ruthlessly execute.
Hard work means saying “no” to all stuff that doesn’t add value.
Hard work means firing non performers quickly

If this will take long hours so be it.
Most of the time it is the question of attitude and mindset.

It is easy to put in long hours.
But, did you deliver?
What did you achieve?
Did you add value?

Think about these situations:
a) You own restaurant – meat delivery didn’t show up
b) You ordered posters for tomorrow’s exhibition but
delivery car broke down
c) Your analysis deadline is tomorrow but your colleague
didn’t send you data you need

What do you do? Two options you have
i) you find excuse or ii) you get it done.

For next time I will make sure to include this into my speech.
Obviously, I did not work hard enough on preparation for it.

PS: Pioneers Unplugged speech you can find here
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