To Do or Not To Do

Knowing what not to do is equally important as knowing what to do.

On company level I use 3 rules from book Good to Great:
i) are we passionate about it
ii) can we make money on this
iii) can we be the best in the world in this

Should we answer no to one of these questions, we don’t do it.
Simple fact that we like the idea or there is something flashy involved
(celebrity, fame, status and shit like that) doesn’t matter.
We simply don’t do it.

On individual level, we need to keep in mind:
i) what did we hire this person for? (is he / she doing it?)
ii) what is “core work” of this person? (is it all done?)
iii) is this person spending time on something that makes us money?

If we answer “no” to any of above questions, he/she needs to stop doing what he/she is doing and start doing things where we can answer “yes”.

What are you working on right now?
What are your people spending time on?

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