10 Rules Of Effective Marketing Campaign

This is a great list of 10 rules for effective marketing campaign as put together by Michal Pastier. Michal is co- founder and creative director of Zaraguza, one of the best advertising agencies in the world – as voted and awarded by Facebook, Google and numerous other awards. Michal is one of top marketing people I have ever met. He has unique blend of in-depth marketing knowledge and insights combined with business and sales focus.

10 Rules of Effective Marketing Campaign

1.) Campaign idea should work as newspaper title you would love to read.

2.) It is not enough to create content if you can’t name and distribute it correctly.

3.) Social media communication should fulfil the need of users not product. It must bring content in line with message: “I am what I am sharing”.

4.)  Communication based on cultural insight works more effectively than one based on product insight. “Don’t sell running shoes, sell running”.

5.) Don’t think  about product benefit only. There are also benefits conveyed through your communication – social, emotional, rational.

6.) Emotions mean more than something is “faster”, “simpler” or “more available”

7.) Social rewards like “status” or “recognition” work better than physical rewards. Rewards should be unexpected and unpredictable.

8.) For people it is more important what’s being said about them than the reality.

9.) Time restrictions help effectivity of any campaign.

10.) One of the best marketing and promotional tools can be company culture.

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