Entrepreneur with passion for sharing what he learned in business and life.



workshop @T-mobile; on “Empowerment”                                                                         design and delivery of series of workshops for top 100 managers of T-mobile

guest speaker @Start It! (www.foodstartupkonference.cz)                                                       I Have an Idea, What’s Next?

workshop @Start It! (Food Startups Conference)                                                             Finance for Non-Finance

workshop @Start It! (Food Startups Conference)                                                               Setting Up and Running a Food-truck

www.privatechef.cz (founder)                                                                                               bring 5*restaurant experience to your home                                      

www.ultimateCVguide.com (co-founder)

www.fitzroygsd.com (mentor) Melbourne, Australia

guest speaker @Heineken Brewery Managers conference                                             Chefparade Story



www.chefstarter.cz (founder)
first Central European food start-ups incubator

www.ordr.cz (co-founder)
fastest food delivery in Prague (within 10min from ordering)

www.fitzroygsd.com (mentor), Melbourne, Australia
www.startupyard.com (mentor), Prague, Czech republic

guest speaker @Global Entrepreneurship Week                                                       Chefparade Story

guest speaker @Trends in Corporate Financing                                                                           Financing of a Small and Medium Business

guest speaker @HR Days
Recipe for Success

guest speaker @Akademie Zivot Napadum
How To Build a Company

blog about what I have learned in business and in life

www.congrady.eu (co-founder)
home-made terrines/pates production
(reaching over 6ths pcs sold monthly by the end of 2014)

www.chefparade-foodtruck.cz (founder)
first working food-truck in Prague

guest speaker @3D Experience forum conference
Ingredients for Success

guest speaker @Pioneers Unplugged
How To Succeed With Your Business

guest speaker @Creative Mornings
How To Build a Great Company

e-shop with deli ingredients from France, Italy and Asia

workshop – @Node5
Marketing for startups

workshop @Node5
Starting and building company

www.foodparade.cz (founder)
second biggest food festival in Czech republic 

www.footshop.cz (co-founder)
urban footwear e-shop ($150K monthly TO by the end of 2014)

Ironman Regensburg (3,9km swimming, 180km bike, 42,2km running)
finisher at 14h:30min

Prague International Marathon (42,2km)
finisher at 4h:30min

working my a$# off

www.chefparade.cz (founder)
biggest cooking school in Czech republic (still running in 2015)

Develor (trainer / lecturer)
development and delivery of trainings (over 1000 people ) on i) Time Management ii) Communication Skills iii) Presentation Skills Marketing/Advertising v) Negotiation vi) Leadership on contractual basis for clients such as Sun, Zentiva, SONY, CIE Automotive, Nissan, InBev, PWC, Adidas, KRAFT, Corinthia Hotels, etc.

2002 – 2007Procter & Gamble, Budapest
Aug 2005 – Jan 2007: Assistant Brand Manager; Ariel P&G CES, Budapest, Hungary
May 2004 – Aug 2005: Financial Analyst; Baby Care; P&G CES, Budapest, Hungary
Oct 2002 – May 2004: Customer Team Finance Manager; P&G CES, Budapest, Hungary