How To Build a Business and Stay Sane

Building your own business is not easy. That is indisputable. But it doesn’t have to be gruesome task that would drive you insane. Here is my advice on how to build your own business and stay sane.

How To Build Business and Stay Sane

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The Most Important Question Of Your Life

I’ve been writing this blog for almost two years. Many times I want to write about something but can’t find proper way how to put it in words. There are ideas in my head but I can’t transform them into blog post. Now and then I find that somebody already did it. As if someone would take my ideas and write them down. Write them down so much better as I would ever do. Here’s one example. Enjoy it.

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4 Easy Ways How To Make Your Employees Think

Thinking is one of the most difficult things to do – that’s why so few people do it. Most employees think that their job is to do things and managers / founders job is to think. If you want to have time and mental energy for important things you need to teach your employees how to think, otherwise you will be buried under all thinking you need to do for them. Here are 4 easy ways how to make your employees think.

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Setting Expectations for Employees

Setting expectations for employees is one of the most important tasks for a manager. Without clear expectations you can’t evaluate employees and also they will not know what is expected of them and how do they do in their job.

Expectations must be clear and well communicated. Ideally they are in written form so there is no misunderstanding. The more specific the better.

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