Three kinds of dogs

I love dogs.
I divide them into three categories based on their guarding skills.

Group number one consists of most of the dogs.
They run around barking at everyone passing by, everything that moves,
but should you attempt to enter the property they either run away or bark from safe distance at you.

Different is group number two.
Good example of this group being german shepherd.
He’s there protecting the house, barks when somebody approaches and when you cross the line he will bark AND bite you (once, maybe twice),
then bark and bite again and so on.

Third group is reserved for likes of pit bull terrier. He doesn’t bark.
And when you cross the line he doesn’t bark either – he bites. And keeps.
Until job is done

I believe you can look at people who work for you in same way.

Most of them are like category one dogs – barking but not performing.

Sometimes you get people from second group – those who talk a bit but bite once or twice and most of the time get the job done.

Third group is my favourite – they don’t bullshit (bark) they just get job done – no matter what. Those are the ones who work hard.

When hiring, you should look for people from category two and three
and have mixed group for best results.

Make sure you remember one crucial thing.
You will not make pit bull terrier out of golden retriever.

Here’s how we choose our “herd” at Chefparade.

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