Added Value

My ex boss and still a great friend Roman always used to ask:
what is the added value of this?
what is the added value of spending time on this project?
what added value you going to have at this meeting?
With everything you proposed or did you could bet he would ask on added value.

When I think about it, this is very right question to ask anytime.
Anytime you’re planning to spend your time, energy or money on something or somebody.
What is the added value? How much does this improves my life?
How much does this contributes to my goals in life?

Simple question with powerful outcome if you ask it often enough and will answer honestly.
You will spend your time with people who are adding value to your life.
You will spend your time and energy on things that are adding value to your life.

As employee. What value do you add to company you work for? What is your value for your team?
How much do you contribute? Do you add value at all?

As a company owner, what value do you add to your employees and clients? What value is your company adding to this society?

And for all of us – what value do we add to we add to our family? to our friends? to our neighbours? to this society?

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