What Counts part I

When we had a job posting for a position with Chefparade,
quite many people applied
(40 in first 2 hours…over 600 altogether in first week).
Going through their CV’s one thing stroke me.

Recurring pattern virtually in every CV I have read.
All of them listed their previous jobs, positions, job descriptions but nobody, yes, NOBODY listed any results achieved in those jobs.

Simple question comes to my mind.
Didn’t they achieve anything?
Did they just went to work everyday to do “something”?

Also, what would I write in my CV?
What would my people write in their CV’s should they look for other opportunities?

For some of them I can imagine, they would proudly write:
“I doubled Y on Y revenues for segment I was responsible for” or
“I took our e-shop from 0 to 100k a month revenue in 4 months” .

Those are people you should be looking for.
Ones that don’t consider sending email a job well done.
Ones that don’t mix activities with results.
Ones that add value.

Having people like this on board is inevitable for success of your company.

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