Maybe … Someday?

People complaining about their effectivity have all kinds of reasons.
One thing they have in common is that it will all change Someday.

Someday they will set their goals and organise themselves.
Someday they will start proper To Do list.
Someday they will call their old friends.

I checked the calendar but there was no Someday.
Only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and you know….other days.

How to turn Someday into a day that is in the calendar?

Here are some tips:

1. Plan Your Day Upfront
Once you plan your day in advance, you will not come to the office in the morning and ask yourself: ‘what am I going to do today?’
You will seek and see solutions. You will no longer be escaping to things you like and procrastinating on those you don’t.
You will skip chit-chat or coffee with colleagues. By being proactive, instead of just reacting to your environment you’ll put yourself in control and get things done.

2. Decide on Top 3 Priorities
Pick 3 things that have to be done no matter what. Do them.
Make sure to distinguish things that are important vs those merely urgent.
Stay focused. Don’t do anything else until you’re done.

3. Eliminate Time Wasters
Office is amazing place. You meet people, enjoy free coffee, read newspaper or simply surf the net.
Be able to say ‘No’ to all time wasters and do not let others steal time from you.
Be master of your time or someone else will be.

4. Stay in Touch
We are not hardware designed to execute prescribed tasks.
There are moments, when your To Do list should be put aside.
Many times, trying to be very efficient can ruin personal relationships.
Listen with your ears and judge with your heart.
Putting aside task at hand and showing genuine care for person is sometimes the best thing you can do.

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