When To Quit

“I want to quit. I will pay you back your investment and it’s over”.

2 years ago my friend and co-founder came to me with this proposal.
I talked him out of it.
Gave him advice I tend to give many people who are not sure if they should start or quit their business.

Advice is very simple: give yourself time and money budget.

Give yourself half a year and half a million.
Whichever you run out first, this is where you make final decision.
If extra half a year of your effort or half a million extra don’t help, then quit.
You gave your best, you tried. Don’t suffer any longer than necessary.

What happened to our business that was about to close?
Monthly revenues increased tenfold (!) since that moment and still growing.
Very impressive result of my co-founder as it was 100% his effort.

You may ask what happened. Tenfold increase in revenues in two years.
Again, answer is very simple.
He put in more effort.
More hours, more thinking, more ideas, more passion, more energy, more focus.
More of everything that matters, more of everything that helps build the business.

This is something many people just don’t get.
You can’t reap benefits without sowing hard work.
You can’t have company up and running, sound and profitable giving it a part-time effort.

It’s OK to quit, but quit at the right time – once you did all you possibly could to succeed. Not less.

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