Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Everybody wants to be successful. People want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, have friends and enjoy what life has to offer.
Success like everything on this planet has a price tag. And not everyone is willing to pay the price.

Take simple example – being healthy. To be healthy you must eat well, exercise, stay away from smoking and drugs, get enough sleep etc. All of this takes a lot of effort … like skipping that good looking dessert after dinner. Or, think about last time you cancelled your jogging/exercise because you were too tired after all day work… and this is price to pay

On business side – everybody wants to have strong, growing and profitable business.
But, are you ready to pay the price? Long hours, hard work, risk of losing everything, stress, zillion obstacles to overcome, employees, bureaucracy and tons of others… this is the price to pay.

I am meeting too many people who want to have their own companies but I don’t feel they are ready and willing to pay the price. They don’t see all effort, energy and determination that is behind every overnight success, I guess they believe it really happened overnight.

To be successful in anything – be it life or business – you must be ready to pay the price.
It’s OK if you don’t but then don’t expect to be successful.

Next time you just don’t feel like doing something that needs to be done, put yourself together and do it.
This is the price you pay… to be successful.

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