What’s your horizon?

Where you are today is the result of choices you made yesterday.

Having a great to-do list will make you efficient
but you may end up executing loads of useless tasks.
To-do list lets you see your life in daily portions which is not enough.

At my personal efectivity trainings I meet many people who are not happy with their present situation.
They don’t realize that this is result of what they did yesterday, last month, a year ago.

Still, if I ask them if they have plans and goals for next month, year or five years; whole life perhaps they look at me in disbelief.
Why would they?
They prefer to live for the moment, go with what life brings
and similar bullshit.
Their horizon is next moment and then moment by moment I will meet them couple years from now in same sad situation.

You need to look further into future. To increase your horizon.
Daily and weekly is not enough.
Your horizon must be year, five years, whole life even.
Once you’re clear on this, then and only then you can live for the moment.

At Chefparade we believe that successful 2013 was caused by our efforts in 2012. And 2012 by what we did in 2011.
We plan and work on monthly basis.
Plus by end August we need to have one big innovation
and strategy ready for year to come.
This gives us 6 months to get ready for next year.
Should we start thinking and planning in January – it’s too late!

Make sure you work hard today so you can have great tomorrow.
Make your horizon further than daily / weekly tasks, so you don’t wake up next year being where you are today.

About the setting goals read here.

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