Should I Leave My Job To Start My Own Business?

Many people ask me things about being entrepreneur and running a company. One of them is being repeated over and over.                                                                                                “I have this business idea. Should I leave my job and start working on this full time?” 

My answer is different now, than it was couple years ago.

Should you leave your job right away?

If you asked me couple years ago I would encourage you to go for it.
Give it 100%, give it all you’ve got. I would argue you need to focus and you can’t work properly on starting your business while working.

Since then I changed my opinion on this. As with many things, the older I get the less radical I am. Slowly I see things are not that black and white. There are many shades of grey in between 🙂

Keep Your Job While You Can

I would tell you to keep your job and do things you can do while still having it.      What can you do while still on the job?
Research – competition, market, pricing etc.
People – finding experts, meeting, networking etc.
Business plan – putting plan together, writing down ideas and plans, getting feedback from people etc.
Finance – looking around for funding if needed, talking to banks, financial advisors etc.
Admin stuff like setting up company, bank account etc.

So many things you can do while still keeping your job which means safety and cash.
Then, once you feel ready and you feel you need to give it much more to go. Go.
But until then, keep your job, why not. You never know.

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