I Only Want To Do What I Like

This is the sentence one of candidates told us at the interview for position with our company. “I only want to do what I like”… probably the biggest misconception of a new generation.

Most people think, entrepreneurs are the ones who only do what they like.
Can’t be further from the truth.

I really like to create. Invent new ideas. Find new opportunities. Envision the future, connect trends and people.

Do I like to deal with bureaucracy and paperwork? Do I like to follow up on people? Do I like to sit at meetings, make phone calls? Deal with problems on constant basis?
No, I don’t.

Would I get anywhere if I didn’t do it?
No, I wouldn’t.

“Do what you have to do today so you can do what you want tomorrow.” Zig Ziglar

I love work I do. I am creating it for myself. Still, 80% of things I do are things I don’t really like or particularly enjoy. Thing is, these things have to be done. Simple as that.

What makes me do them? Vision of an end result and great joy of seeing idea transformed into working business. After that fleeting moment of satisfaction …back to work again.
Like it or not.

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