My Favourite Jim Rohn Quotes on Business and Life

I have discovered Jim Rohn only couple years ago and it was one of the greatest finds I could make. Jim Rohn is great motivational speaker and books writer with loads of experience in business. His advice on success in life and business is extremely valuable and timeless. Here are my notes from one of Jim Rohn’s motivational speeches that I have listened to this week.

Jim Rohn quote

“Always do more than you get paid for, to make an investment in your future”

“for things to change you got to change
for things to get better you got to get better”

“we get paid to bring value to marketplace, you don’t have to work on the marketplace, you only have to work on yourself and your skills”

“be so busy giving recognition to others you don’t really need it for yourself”

“life doesn’t respond to what we need, life responds to what we deserve
it doesn’t say if you need a harvest you get one, it says, if you plant in the spring then you’ll get harvest in the fall reaping and harvesting belong to planters, not to those in need”

“you can help a thousand but you can’t carry three on your back (get people to be independent as soon as possible)”

“I was trying to get everybody successful, I said, I will die to make them successful… then I almost died so I gave that up”

“It’s not the hours you put in, but what you out into the hours that count.”
“We suffer one of two things. Either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. You’ve got to choose discipline, versus regret, because discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons.”

Learn all you can, don’t be lazy. Nothing’s worse than being stupid. Being broke is bad, but being stupid is what’s really bad. And what’s really really bad is being broke and stupid. Nothing’s much worse than that. Unless you’re sick. Sick, broke and stupid, that’s about as far as you can fall unless you’re ugly. Surely that would be the ultimate; ugly, sick, broke and stupid.”

You can hear more from Jim Rohn in this video here:


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