Double Your Chance of Success

Learning a new skill doubles your chances to succeed in business and life.

It is very helpful, if skills you learn are in the area or direction which you want to go in your life. Sometimes it may seem, it is not connected or worth it, but later in life it may come very handy.

I have asked one of my employees to go to car registry and do some changes there.

He told me, I’ll be happy to go there and do it, but you know, I have never done it before.

Fantastic! You go there, learn how to do it (get new skill) and I am even going to pay you for it! What better can happen to you. You will get paid for learning something new.

This happened to me when I was working for P&G. All trainings, responsibility I was given, incredible learning opportunities – and they even paid me for this. Unbelievable!

You may wonder, what skills that I learned at P&G working on diapers and washing powder would help me with building biggest cooking school in Czech republic?

What Do You Need To Know As Entrepreneur?

Here are just few examples of skills I have learned while working at corporation that helped me a lot in my own business.


Being responsible for P&L and all financial aspects of our diapers business across 5 countries I learned how P&L works, cost structure, fixed costs, economy of scale. I worked on pricing, promotions evaluations and new product launches financial assessments. Big brand or small brand, big company or small company – financial principles of sound business are the same.



All marketing principles that I am using at all my companies and preaching everywhere I go I have learned at P&G. Most valuable was the framework of thinking about marketing process:

i) Who (is our customer)

i) What (do we offer)

iii) How (do we deliver on our promise – price, packaging etc)


When you must get results without being officially a boss it is all about relationship you build and nurture. Then when you are on your own even more so. By working with different people, different nationalities, you learn a lot.

I also learned to write and articulate ideas, use all kinds of systems. Trainings on presentation skills and time management helped me a lot.

Think about your job not in a way to make money but in a way – what I can learn in my job, or with help of my company that will take me closer to what / who I want to do / be in life.

Use every opportunity to learn today so you are ready when time will come.


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