How Much is Marketing?

Any fool can do a marketing with million dollars in his pocket.
Most can’t even with million dollars.

I never had million dollars budget for marketing at Chefparade.
And you don’t need it either.
There are three categories of marketing tools / channels you can use to promote your business.

i) free (no money required, only your time and effort)
ii) cheap (little money required; up to 100USD)
iii) expensive (more money required; over 100USD)

Key here is to sit down and think about your WHO and find all TOUCHPOINTS.

WHOis my customer
You need to know everything about your customer.
Age, gender, income, hobbies, what they read (blogs, magazines, websites, newspaper…), do they have a dog, a cat. Where they like to go eat, what do they wear, what sports do they do… the more you know the better.

Touchpoint – is every point in time or space where you can talk to your WHO.

Start with “free” touchpoints and talk to your customer.
Send him your message.
Don’t spend any money until you have exhausted all free touchpoints.
Then spend little money. Once you run out of all “free” and “cheap” options then and only then you should go for “expensive”.

To be honest, in 7 years and 5 companies I have never went for “more money” option.

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7 thoughts on “How Much is Marketing?

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  4. hezký článek o jednoduchých pravidlech efektivního marketingu. Díky za to, Marceli.

  5. S menu mas pravdu. tento template to neumoznuje. verim, ze casom to vylepsim. Anglicky pisem aby to malo vacsi dosah. Sam som zvedavy co ukazu statistiky ked sa to trochu rozbehne.

  6. Zatial to vyzera dobre. Pacia sa mi tvoje clanky. Len ma napadlo, ci by nebolo dobre dat menu vlavo, alebo vpravo. Mam vtedy pocit, ze sa lepsie orientujem, aj ked sa zatial nie je v com.

    BTW, tvoja CS su aj anglicky hovoriaci citatelia?

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