Your desk is the extension of your mind – this is what Gordon, my colleague at P&G used to say.
I am strongly convinced that he’s right. I have never yet met successful, productive person who would have messy desk.

All successful people I know have clean desk with only what they really need on it (things they work on right now), bit of personal items, solid filing system and clear (as sharp clear) calendar.

This is also working the other way around.
If you have many things in mind, don’t really know what to do, where to start – there is a simple solution – start cleaning your workspace.

After you throw away some papers, file couple documents, put pencils at their place suddenly what you will notice is that things in your mind are becoming clearer and more structured.
It’s like sun coming out of the clouds after the rain.

For me it works and I am convinced it will work for you.

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  1. I should really try this! I love the feeling of clean working table. It’s just too scary too start 🙂

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