Why Grow?!

Growth is essence of life.
Everything around us grows as much as it possibly can.
Plants, animals. Even river goes as far as possibly can.
Not always case for people.

At Chefparade we measure ourselves on monthly basis vs year ago.
On yearly basis vs year ago. All possible indicators that we are trying to improve.
Obviously you might ask:
Don’t you have enough? Why should you push ourselves all the time?
Why all innovations, new projects and investments? Why not take it easy for some time?

Answering this question is very easy.
We trying to do better because it can be done better.
Because WE CAN do better.

Nothing except our innermost desire for improvement is motivating us to be better. Day by day, month by month, week by week.

When they asked Robert Mallory why he wants to climb Mt. Everest. He said:
“because it’s there”.

Improve and grow your business and yourself just because it can be done better and YOU CAN do better!

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