Where Good Business Ideas Come From?

Ever tried to come up with some great business idea or creative solution to a problem that you’re facing? The more you tried the less successful you were. This is how I develop my business ideas and solutions to a problems.

Where Do I Get My Ideas

I’ve got my best ideas in these places / situations:
shower, driving, running, dishwashing.

This may seem like totally unrelated activities but they have one thing in common. In all those activities I don’t focus on result. Here I relax myself. I do something automatic and rhythmical.

This is when I believe my mind can give most energy and focus to things that I have to resolve. To old stuff still lingering deep inside. New and unexpected connections usually happen during these activities.

It is important to realise that times when you are results oriented will not bring you any innovations and new solutions. At those times you should focus on delivery/execution. Once you will find your activities or places when / where you get best ideas you should actively seek those activities and places.

When I have problem I can’t resolve I don’t push it. I know that solution will come. I simply go and take hot shower or wash dishes (shower first:). Or I just let it be and wait till I drive 800km to see my parents. Simple as that, no magic formula there.

See what works for you and find patterns for ideas generation. Then you can go into those situations on purpose and use it to your advantage.

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