How Much You Need To Know

As entrepreneur you need to cover many aspects of the business you’re running.
Be it finance, marketing, people management, administration, accounting, taxes, logistics, operations, buying etc.
Depending on industry you are in you need to dive into other areas as well.
You need to deal with suppliers, customers, agencies.

How much of these things you should really know?
Do you need to be expert in all those areas?
Is it even possible to be an expert in everything?

Nobody can cover everything in depth.

I think you need to know enough, to be a solid partner in discussion with whoever you deal with. You need to know enough to ask good questions and be able to challenge their proposals and suggestions. You need to know enough to be able to make good decisions.

How to go about knowing all those things?

First of all, I am big believer in books. So I suggest you read books on those topics.
Better yet, if you don’t have that much time, read blogs, articles where people digest it for you.

Although I am not fan of technology, I am regularly checking websites with latest info on technology to keep myself up to date. Reading interesting articles on blogs about SEO and on-line marketing is my habit since I build my first website.
I subscribed to newsletters not to miss new interesting articles from many areas of business.

Facebook can be a good source of info if you “like” good, informative pages and people.

It is also great to meet and go out with people who have passion in some of the areas you are interested in. They will be more than happy to tell you what’s new and what you should know. Ask questions, listen and learn.

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