Three Pillars Of Success

I became to believe that to succeed in life or in business you basically need three things i) passion ii) goals and iii) discipline. And you need all of them. Not one or two but all three of them.

Passion without goals and discipline leads to no results. Guess you know many people with great ideas that never happened. If you have goals and discipline but lacking passion for what you do, sooner or later your motivation will fade away.

Good thing is that both goals and discipline can be learned. You can learn how to set goals (Goals post) and by acquiring good habits you can also master discipline. You can’t learn passion – I guess you either have it or don’t but I strongly believe everybody has passion for something.

Knowing this your task is clear. Go ahead, find your passion and then pursue it, with help of goals and discipline. You’ll succeed.

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4 thoughts on “Three Pillars Of Success

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  3. I always tried to follow my passion with some focus on goals and almost no discipline. It works fine when there is tons of passion and the project is the only thing you think about. However this period usually last only few months. There are days when discipline could really help. Will give it a try, thx a lot for inspiration! 😉

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