Sunk Cost

Last year we have build e-shop. It turned out it is not good.
Actually, it sucks. What should we do now?
We have invested like $5k in initial development and another couple thousand in following improvements.
It still sucked.

So, we scraped it and started to build new one from scratch.

I tend to not consider sunk cost. Don’t feed more into something that is not working just because it cost you some money. If you learn from it and make it better next time, your investment was worth it.

When I discussed this e-shop case with my friend who wanted to buy it I said:
“Look new shop will cost us $13k”.
That is $5k for new shop and $8k we already invested in building the shitty one.

Would new e-shop pay out also for development of old one? Definitely.
Would we build great new e-shop without screwing up the old one? I don’t think so.
Was it all worth it? You bet.

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