How To Delegate

Delegation of tasks and responsibilities is one of the biggest time savers.

More things you can delegate more free time you have.

You should delegate at the point if somebody is able to do the job
80% as good as you would do it
Remaining 20% will come with time and it’s not worth to wait.

When delegating you basically want the person to get from A to B.
I have found 3 kinds of people when delegating.

First group you delegate the task and you need to closely monitor progress.
Checking with person almost every day making sure things are moving and if moving then in right direction.

With second group you only need to check with them on bigger milestones.
These people work by themselves but need occasional check to keep them going.

Last group you don’t need to supervise at all.
They will meet you at point B delivering all that was agreed and many times even more. You can basically forget the task once you delegate to these kind of people.

Over time you expect people from group 1 move to group 2 and 3.

When delegating, it is important that you both have clear picture of desired outcome. Sometimes it is also good to agree on how you get there.
Sometimes you don’t care, result is only thing that matters.
You must be very specific with people from groups one and two.                                       With group 3 you only need the end result.

It is always good to explain purpose of the task and why you have chosen this very person. This helps people understand, gives them additional ways how to achieve it and motivates them.

Delegate as much as possible. Not only it saves your time and frees your hands for important tasks, but also gives people new challenges and more responsibility which I have found very motivating and rewarding.

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