Morning Life Hacks

We have limited amount of energy for whole day. For all we do.
Many times we don’t realize we are spending loads of our energy on decision making. Every decision takes energy.
Don’t waste your energy on small things so you don’t miss it for big things.

Here’s how you can jump start your day and save lots of energy:

i) the evening before decide what you will wear tomorrow
I am not very fashion conscious so I take t-shirts, socks etc from my closet as they are there. No brainer. Take the t-shirt that is on the top and go.

ii) the evening before decide what you will have for breakfast
Not only you will not waste energy for decision making process,
you will also go to bed much happier with thoughts for yummy breakfast.

iii) pack your bag / case the evening before and put it next to your shoes
You will take it on your way out knowing everything you need is there.

iv) write your to-do list the evening before
Can’t stress this enough. This alone will change your life.

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