How To Have a Productive Day

Start Early
If you get to office by 7 you have 2 quiet hours till 9 when you can focus on things that are really important. Nobody will disturb you at your desk, nobody will call. If you don’t open your email, that will not distract you either. In these 2 hours you will achieve more than you usually do in half a day. Once people will start arriving to office you will feel like day should be over – so big your feeling of achievement will be.

To Do List
You will hear this from me over and over. If you write down your to-do list the evening before it will save you minimum of 1,5hours in your working day. Not to mention clarity on what you should do during the day. I wrote about to-do list here.
Please note, no point in starting early if you don’t have your to-do list ready the day before.

Work In Blocks
It is good to have blocks of un-interupted time. It should be 60, maximum 90 minutes, as you can not focus for longer period of time. After that, take a little break. Walk around the office, get yourself a coffee, chat with people for like 10-15 min. Get back to work afterwards. Your to-do list will tell you what to do.

Batch your tasks
Phone calls, email reply, invoicing… It gets faster and easier when you are repeating similar tasks, so it’s good idea to batch them together. Having similar tasks spread throughout a day means you not only have to spend energy on doing it but also on re-focusing on every single tasks. While if you do it in batch, you are already “in it”.

Dont’ manage your time, manage your energy. Do most important things at times when you have most energy. Usually 7-9 if you start early or 9 to 11 if you start later. Don’t spend your most productive time on meetings or phone calls. Do those in your low times instead. Don’t schedule tasks that need thinking and creativity for the end of the day or after lunch.
Use your energy levels to your advantage.

Have a productive day!

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