Moments of Truth

At P&G we had concept of two moments of truth.

First moment of truth is when customer stands in front of the shelf in store and decides which brand he/she will buy.
Is he/she going to choose your brand?

Second moment of truth is when customer is using your product at home.
Is it going to meet or exceed his / her expectations?

On top of these two moments you can add as many moments of truth as you like. If you think about it, moment of truth is basically every moment when your customer comes to contact with your brand.

For example, your website, how you reply to email, how you answer the phone.
How does your place look like, how your employees dress or how is your driver driving.
All these and many more moments are moments of truth.

In all these moments you are fighting battle for customers and in any of these moments you can lose or win your customer.
Think about all moments of truth you have in your company. Make a list and once you have it, take those which you can influence. Then look at them from money angle. Start with those that cost you nothing (how do you answer phone; how do you greet customer – do you? etc) and then continue to more expensive ones.

Until you are winning in all important moments of truth you can’t stop working on improving your business.

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