Why Do I Pay You?

Did you ever asked yourself why would somebody pay you a salary?
Why do you expect somebody to send you money every month?
What do you get paid for?

For most part I pay to my employees for solving problems. Little part of their salaries is for keeping business running. Big part is for solving problems. Our internal problems, problems of our clients, just any problem that will appear in their field of responsibility.

Many times they don’t realize this. How do I know?
I hear them complaining about the problems.
While they should welcome and praise them for being there.
Should there be no problem, I wouldn’t need employees.
Machines, software or a part time student would do their job for a fraction of cost.

You are here to solve problems. The more problems and more complex problems you solve, the better you become in problems solving. Every problem you solve makes you grow, learn something new and will make you much more valuable to your employer. And then he’ll pay you more.
If not, I am sure somebody else who needs his problems to be solved will.

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