It’s All a Package

Everything has it’s pros and cons.

Some people tend to see positives in things and in situations, some focus on negative sideRegardless of how you see things, pros and cons are still there, they don’t disappear. You just don’t pay attention to them, but they still there.

Entrepreneurs are seen to have great lifestyle – making money, doing what they like, when they like with whom they like.
What is not often seen and visible is hard work, risk and responsibility.
Like it or not, it is part of the package.

We would love to be cherry picking. Getting to NBA without all those hard, long practices. Being great investor like Warren Buffet without reading financial reports for 6 hours a day 45 years straight. Building a company that would give you money and freedom ideally on a part time basis with no stress and no debt.

I would love all those things as well, but it’s not possible. It’s all a package.
So far, I didn’t find package that would only have positive and easy things. There are always pros and cons.

It is same with people. Nobody’s perfect. Everybody is a package.
Great salesman, not so good in his time management.                                                   Great with people, missing results.

What do you focus on? Is it holding you back? Is it important?

Everything and everybody is a package with pros and cons.                                        No need to be changing it.
Good enough to remember it and accept cons with the pros.                                         Will make your life much easier.

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