Do You Need a Business Plan?

Looking back at my business plan I had for my cooking school –  it feels useless and bit of a jokeEverything I have put in there was so much off when it came to reality.
Most of the things took twice as much time and money than expected.
Many things I put there never happened. Many I didn’t, did.
Some things worked, some did not. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Why Do You Need a Business Plan

What you need to do most before you start your business is thinking.
Business plan helps you do just that.
It gives you structure so you don’t forget about any area of business.
Gives you questions to answer and options to look at.
Writing it down is making your thinking clearer and more structured.
You can show it to people for feedback.

What Must Every Business Plan Include?

It is easy to find many templates and tutorials on internet.
No matter which template you choose make sure your
business plan will answer following questions:

What is it that you are going to do?
Who is your customer?
How will it work?
How are you going to make money?
What is your marketing plan?
How would your P&L look like?                                                                                     Who will be part of your team?


Using Lean Canvas as Business Plan

Lean Canvas is a great tool that you can use to structure your thinking about your future business. It is very sharp and concise – 1 A4 paper and divided into main areas on which you need to focus and be ready like customers, problem, solution, channels etc. I highly recommend it to use.

Lean Canvas template

You can do it even online:                                                                                                                       Canvanizer                                                                                                                                            Lean Stack

Remember, working on your business plan is not to predict the future.
It is to properly think over what you’re going to do and get ready to succeed.
The more thinking you put in the better things will turn out.

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