Definition of Success

There was a discussion recently on couple blogs I read about being successful.

Many interesting definitions of “being successful” were mentioned.

Few of them for perspective:
“to be top 1% in whatever you’re doing”
“to have enough money for myself and my family, be free to travel and enjoy life”
“to be better off than I was a year ago”

and so on, with another person joining discussion another definition of success comes up.
I believe there is no universal definition of success.
This discussion made me think though.
What is my definition? How do I measure my success.
Can I say – I’m successful?

I guess, I can. Thinking about it, I would fit most of the definitions mentioned.
Most importantly I would fit into my definition – which is most important for me.

“You are successful when you’re are using your abilities to the fullest”

That is my definition. What is yours?

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