Attitude Makes a Difference

Couple days ago I was ordering gift certificate for a friend.
Easy online operation, certificate arrived into my mailbox.
But it was not what I expected.
There was my name on it (I specifically asked for my friends name to be there) and price, which I obviously didn’t want to be there.

So I sent them e-mail explaining situation asking for changes.
Accidentaly, two people replied at the same time.

First one saying “this is our certificate, that’s it, this is what you get”.

Second said “sorry for that, let me change it according to your needs”. And he did.
Two hours later I had great gift certificate ready.

They both work at the same company with same procedures, same systems.
The only thing that is different is their attitude.
Should only first one reply they would lose a customer.
Thanks to attitude of second one they kept one and made 750$ sale.

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