5 Easy Ways To Make More Money

Money is not the most important thing in the world. But on the survival scale I would put it very close to oxygen. This is one of my favourite Zig Ziglar quotes. As we all feel, money is indeed not the most important thing in the world but we all can use little extra money. Here you can find 5 easy ways how to make some extra money.

5 Easy Ways To Make More Money

i) participate in shared economy
You can become transport provider via Uber or Lyft. Start your own hotel at  Airbnb. Or would you prefer your own restaurant then try Kitchen surfing. There are countless similarKeep Calm and Make More Money local services you can use to make some extra cash.

ii) help somebody                                                              There are many ways how you can help somebody and make money. From simple things like moving a lawn, washing a car, moving help or walking dogs  to things that require more skill like repairing something. There are plenty of sites that will help you find job suitable for your skill level: Fiverr; TaskRabbit; Handy; Thumbtack; and many many more also in various local versions.

iii) teach something                                                        I believe that everybody knows something, so why not put it into use. People need all kinds of help – you can even teach iPad skills or how to work with internet in your local community centre. More skilled you are and more knowledge you have the more options are there for you to teach something to somebody. These sites are at your disposal to make it happen: Udemy; Skillshare or Teachable

iv) sell unused / unwanted items                                                                                            We all have full cabinets of clothes, electronics and other stuff we don’t really use or need. Get rid of it on Ebay or other websites or organize garage sale.

v) earn cash back                                                                                                                                   You are shopping and using your cards anyway so why not make some money while doing it. Check credit cards with cash back or other bonuses and use it wisely. Other services will give you money from every purchase you will make via their website in other shops. Basically, they are sharing their commission with you.  Try Ebates for a start.                                                                                                                                                                                           Of course you can also re-negotiate your salary or change your job. 

What To Do With Money You Make

It helps to set up goals. For example, within a year I want to generate half of my income from this part time activity. I will save all money I make on a side and invest it into … you name it.

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